In 2019, we be hosting 2 events every month:

Every 1st Thursday from 6-8pm

Wicked Grounds Cafe – 289 8th St, SF, near Civic Center Bart. Wheelchair accessible. 

Every 3rd Monday from 6-8pm

Farley’s Cafe – 33 Grand Ave in Oakland, near 19th St Bart. Wheelchair accessible, though outlets for laptops are on the 2nd floor only.

We always welcome new individuals into our local leadership circle, and the dates our our monthly leadership meetings vary each month. We also coordinate visits to see our penpals and have t-shirts by donation to help with our costs. Email for more info, or drop by an event.

April 2018 Updates

Dear FoW community,
Join us for our monthly night of mail processing/data entry, birthday cards to our LGBTQ members in nearby Norcal prisons AND long-term penpal orientation and matching.

Next Monday, April 16th
Farley’s Cafe
33 Grand Ave in Oakland near 19th St Bart. Wheelchair accessible, though outlets for laptops are on the 2nd floor only.

Please join with or without a laptop – there is work for everyone! If you’d like, we’ll train you to respond to letters or to enter and update penpal request forms in our database. Getting these forms into our database helps get our inside folks matched to penpals, so this is an essential part of our work (and we have so much mail!). If you want to start a penpal relationship, we will also have info on folks to send letters to, all the supplies, and ways to get more involved in the movement to abolish prisons.

Food and beverages are available for purchase from the cafe. And please bring some dollars and change toward postage, if you can. Any money raised beyond the cost of supplies will be used to support both local & national Black & Pink projects.

While this space is open to the public and not scent-free, please avoid wearing scented products in order to support folks with chemical sensitivies. More info: https://eastbaymeditation.org/resources/fragrance-free-at-ebmc/
Have you subscribed to the Black & Pink newsletter yet?
Save the date – we’ll be tabling again this year at SF Trans March and sending postcards to our members!
We are actively seeking new folks to get involved to help grow our Leadership Circle in order to help make this work happen more regularly. Email if you want to get involved and we’ll make a time to connect.

California Coalition of Women Prisoners (CCWP) is currently working on a campaign to end the use of Life Without Parole sentences as well as asking Governor Brown to commute all of the LWOP sentences to parole-eligible sentences. If you are a part of a social justice group, faith-based organization, or advocacy group, please sign on here to support the campaign and to learn more.

Last December we helped ABO Comix release a queer prisoners comix anthology – all written and drawn by folks on the inside with profits going back to them and Black & Pink. It’s just a few bucks to grab one for your penpal, and sliding scale for yourself. We have a long waiting list of incarcerated folks who would like to receive a copy, so if your budget allows a donation of $5.50, please help us get this amazing anthology in the hands of our loved ones behind bars: http://abocomix.bigcartel.com/product/abo-comix-copy-for-a-prisoner
Our friends at TGIJP have mail night every Tuesday this month from 4-8pm at 234 Eddy St. More info here.

We will be visiting Mule Creek State Prison on April 28th and scheduling more prison visits for 2018 to our B&P incarcerated members in Northern California. If you have a penpal and are interested in visiting them, request that they send you a visitation form and then send it in. Then let us know. If you are interested in visits with us but don’t have a penpal, we can match you to someone. We have visited Mule Creek State Prison, San Quentin and plan on returning to those as well as visiting California Medical Facility, CCWF, and possibly CSP-Sac or others.

Release Miguel Armenta!!


miguelMiguel, a gay activist, artist, and migrant farmworker who has lived in the U.S. for 22 years, is currently living with HIV, Hepatitis C, and has fought cancer currently being monitored by doctors. He is detained in the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, WA, where it took about three months before he was able to see outside specialists regarding his various medical conditions despite his frequent requests to see a doctor. Due to his desperation, he was driven to attempt suicide in the first few weeks of his detention. Even though Miguel’s condition is unique and requires special medical care, NWDC has refused to release him on humanitarian grounds, asserting that they are equipped to handle someone with his medical problems. Miguel is asking for our help to pressure the ICE officers who have the authority to grant his release.

Please call the Tacoma ICE office and ask them to grant the immediate humanitarian release of Miguel Angel Armenta Olabarria! (A# 076-343-950). Call ICE Officers Bryan Wilcox at 253-779-6080 and Nathalie Asher at 206-835-0058.
Miguel Angel Armenta Olabarria! (A# 076-343-950) is currently living with HIV, Hepatitis C, and has fought cancer currently being monitored by doctors. and attempted suicide. It took NWDC about three months to begin giving Miguel the proper medical care he requires, which was only possible by reaching out to specialists outside of NWDC. Miguel is in no way a threat to community safety. Since his return to the United States in 2004, he has dedicated himself to LGBT and HIV issues and who has volunteer countless times to helping less fortunate children. As a member of __[your group/organization]_ I am asking you to immediately grant him humanitarian release while he awaits the decision on his asylum. Thank you.
After you call, please forward this email and please spread the word!!
Can you come to Miguel’s asylum hearing on October 30th at 1 PM in Tacoma? Please RSVP to Alex at axwest@gmail.com.

In solidarity,

Maru, Not1More

P.S. You can watch the lastest videos of Miguel sharing his experience as one of the leaders of the spring 2014 hunger strike in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA, and his birthday wish here http://youtu.be/4E5G3th10zs and here http://youtu.be/ZNl_XarVt4U