Name & Dignity Act for Incarcerated Trans People

On Sunday October 15, California Governor, Jerry Brown signed SB310, the Name & Dignity Act for Incarcerated Trans People! This means that for the first time in California history, a bill written by currently and formerly incarcerated trans people becomes law.


IN BRIEF: SB 310 establishes the right of a person imprisoned within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) or within a county jail to petition the court to obtain a name or gender change. The bill also requires CDCR and county jails to use the new name of a person who obtains a name change, and to only refer to the prior name as an alias. SB 310 will help ensure that transgender people are legally recognized for who they are while incarcerated, and it will increase the likelihood of their successful reentry into society upon release from custody. 


here is the official fact sheet and bill language​ where you can learn more. And below is the official press release. If you want to learn more or would be interested in running similar efforts in your state please reach out to Corel Feigin, Transgender Gendervariant Intersex Justice Project. 
towards a world without prisons, 

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