Passage & Place Indigogo!

Support our comrades – check out the PASSAGE & PLACE indiegogo!

passage and placeThe PASSAGE & PLACE publication is a collection of work from queer/trans folx both inside and outside of prison, considering the topic of “Home”. It will be one aspect of a multimedia visual arts exhibition, book project, and skillshare series that explores displacement & movement, freedom & incarceration, and home & im/migration at the intersection of queerness.

The print project is a compilation of a collection of written and visual artwork from queer and trans folx both inside and outside of prison, that considers and complicates the topic of “Home”. Some contributers include Virgie Tovar (author of Hot & Heavy), Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (author of Consentual Genocide, editor of The Revolution Starts at Home), Heidi Andrea Rhodes (co-founder & editor of Reveries & Rage), Ellie Krnich (co-chair of Femme Conference), Veronica Stein (Fabulous Brown Works), Jacks McNamara (author of Inbetweenland, co-founder of The Icarus Project), Banah Ghadbian (Feminist Wire)and more!

As part of reaching beyond walls, they partnered with the TGI (Transgender | Gender Variant | Intersex) Justice Project/TGIJP and Black & Pink to send the Passage & Place call for submissions to currently incarcerated LGBTQ prisoners. They received over 100 letters, poems, and artwork!

A collection of these letters and images will be bound and printed into an anthology released in conjunction with the Passage & Place exhibition at the National Queer Arts Festival, 2014. All participants from the inside will receive a free copy of the finished book. 

Help make sure that the voices of our queer family behind bars are still loud, fierce, and being heard!


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