End of January Updates!

We have been kicking off 2014 with a lot of getting things going again!
We had a great January Letterwriting night in South Berkeley at the Starry Plough – sending a few cards and making 4 new penpal matches! Thanks again to everyone who joined us!
vdayWe are planning our February Letterwriting & Valentine’s Card Writing Night – here is the event invite. It will be in SF on Thursday, Feb 6 from 6-8pm at 938 Valencia St. Please join us to write Valentine’s Day cards to our LGBTQ prisoner membership! This is also a good time to write your penpal or to start a new penpal friendship. 
Another exciting development – We just created a facebook page and a group for our local chapter – the page Flying Over Walls – SF Bay Area B&P is for our wider community and support network. And the group – Flying Over Walls – is for folks who want to be more directly involved with our letterwriting, study group or local updates and actions – and who want to make sure they get direct invites. Join, like or both! We’ll post updates about our events, local actions and national B&P stuff on both.
Our Queer/Trans Prison Abolition Study Group just had its 3rd meeting. So far we have discussed Abolition Visions, Queer Youth Criminalization and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Our next few topics include Immigration, Gendered Experiences, Queer Criminal Archetypes and Religion. We’ll be posting all of our curriculum/readings on this site soon.

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