Welcome to 2014!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in December for our Holiday Card Making events in San Francisco and Oakland! Our 3 holiday card making events were a huge hit and we were able to send over 110 cards to our current penpals and other incarcerated family in Mule Creek SP, CSP Solano, CMF and a few other nearby prisons.
In other news, our Queer/Trans Prison Abolition study group continues; we meet next on January 26 in South Berkeley. This will be the last month in *this* 6-month cycle that it is still open for new participants. We will start fresh this summer and open again to new folks. Our readings this month are on the criminalization of queer youth and the school-to-prison pipeline.
We will hopefully start our monthly penpal/letterwriting nights again soon – once we find a good BART-accessible venue in downtown or north Oakland to host us on a week night. Folks can continue to be in touch with us through our email if they would like support finding a penpal and using our po box to correspond. Donations towards postage, supplies and the cost of the po box are always welcome!
And we are still open to meeting new people who want to join us in bottomlining the core organizing of this chapter with us – so that we can sustain and grow!

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