Call out to join a Queer/Abolition Study Group

Dear Community,

Please help us spread the word – we are putting out a call and forming a Queer/Abolition Bay Area Study Group.

It will likely look like a group of 5-10 folks who are invested in deepening their critical and intersectional understanding of the prison industrial complex and prison abolition frameworks as they relate to queer/trans bodies and identities.

We will meet one Sunday afternoon/evening a month for a few hours (likely on 1st Sundays, except around the holidays – but this is negotiable) from about September through January (alternating meeting in east Bay and SF living rooms). We’ll hopefully do it dinner or potluck style and keep it casual. In our first meeting, or prior to it, we will collectively create a structure around readings/films/lectures that we want to use for our discussions and everyone will have a chance to propose material and/or co-facilitate a discussion group. We ask for a 5-month commitment, and we can decide in January if we’d like to keep meeting.

This study group will be held in conjunction with prisoner letterwriting times – an hour prior to every study group will be open for anyone in the community that would like to connect to a queer/trans prisoner penpal. We will hold orientations for new folks at this time and wrap up prior to the study group starting. Study group members would be welcome to come early to join letterwriting times, but not required.

If you are interested in joining or learning more, please contact by August 25-ish. Let us know: what interests you about this group, any potential readings you would like to suggest (articles, blogs, book excerpts, videos) and whether one Sunday evening a month would work for your schedule (and, if not, what days of the week/month would work for you).
Please forward out to others.

In Solidarity,

Beja & Charlie

prisons will not protect youqueer injusticecaptive genders


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