7/29 – Queer/Trans Prisoner Solidarity Letterwriting Night!

We’re rolling again!


After a not so brief hiatus, we’re picking back up with monthly letterwriting nights. It’s gonna get revamped a little bit, including a 5 month study group, but more on that in a future email. For now, we decided to get a casual night together just to re-connect and get some new folks matched up!

Save the date:

Monday, July 29
Location TBD in Oakland

If you have a penpal already, please join us to check in and share how things are going. Bring past letters if you’d like to share something powerful or painful.

If you (or someone you know) is interested in getting matched to a penpal, pleeease come (and invite them)! We have about 20 letters to match. We’ll have an orientation to review guidelines for becoming a penpal and look through the letters of potential queer & trans penpals.

If you just want to join the fun and spark discussion, we’ll bring the political prisoner birthday list so you can send a one-time card. We’ll have paper, cards, envelopes, stamps/ink (that we all made in Paper’s stampmaking workshop!) and other art supplies.

And why do we do this? Because prison is a f**ed up place to be. And queer/trans communities are disproportionately criminalized. And making a real life connection based in friendship, support and solidarity with someone behind bars is one of the most important ways to fight the prison and criminalization systems, which are *designed* to isolate folks from their families and communities.

Bring snacks, bring your dinner, bring stamps or ink pads if you have em, bring a little cash to donate for postage. We won’t have a formal political ed discussion, but we can certainly get an informal one going!!

Email flyingoverwalls@gmail.com with any questions or if you’re really stoked to host. Otherwise, it’ll probably be in Beja’s living room (which has 10 stairs and 2 pets).

And please rsvp/invite folks on the facebook page.
Much love,

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