An update on TGIJP!!!

TGI Justice Project moved to Oakland! & Mail nights starting up again!

TGIJP is an organization (of transgender people—inside and outside of prison— creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom) that our group has been supporting and loving on for the last year and a half. They are just settling in to their new home in East Oakland with Tracy House (Transgender Resources and Advocacy Center for Youth), an exciting program of AIDS Project East Bay. We are excited for them, because we know they are thrilled with this new partnership and the opportunities it presents.

Their new address is:

1201 46th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601


Janetta just called to say that they are going to start up mail nights starting next week. For the next few months, her plan is to open the space every Tuesday evening for volunteers who want to come and help respond to resource-related mail from prisoners. Hope to see you soon!

Here is what they say about mail nights:

As a result of our activism we have become a known resource to people inside prisons and thus receive a significant number of letters from prisoners regarding a variety of issues. Although our agency is focused on providing services to transgender, gender variant/gender-queer, and intersex people in California prisons, prisoners with normative genders from all over the country write us on a daily basis.

We answer all prisoner letters. Prisoners who actively work on their own cases and also help other prisoners inside sometimes request TGIJP to conduct research for them. Volunteers are able to gain experience advocating for prisoners by providing them with information and encouraging self-advocacy. In addition to working under the supervision of an attorney, we have also developed several form letters that are used and can be tailored to answer prisoner letters.


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