Support “UNITED IN THE STRUGGLE” Fundraiser at Cafe Gabriela!

Originally posted here 7/17/12.

FROM JULY 1- AUGUST 31ST, Café Gabriela will showcase artwork by activists whose work reflects the daily and historic resistance of many communities, including members of HAVOQ’s Prison Abolition workgroup.

“United in the Struggle” is an art show fundraiser for Ms. Crystal and Cece McDonald; both transgender women of color imprisoned in the U.S. In daily struggles against racism and for survival people from our communities including Ms. Crystal and Cece McDonald are stolen from us and locked up for defending their lives. We know that for people who are incarcerated and abused daily in prisons and immigration detention centers getting access to money allows them to:

– meet their physical, mental, and spiritual health needs
– buy paper and stamps or phone time to connect with their loved ones and friends
– buy books and magazines for education and ending isolation
– access resources to legally represent themselves and others as jailhouse lawyers and scholars.
How can you support? COME BUY ART, COME PUT UP YOUR ART, WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT TO MS. CRYSTAL AND CECE (mailing information, cards, paper, stamps will be available at the cafe for the month of July & August )The cafe is at 10th & Broadway in downtown Oakland, at 988 Broadway in front of the hotel Marriot. You can get to us on the AC Transit 72, 12, 11, 58L, 40, 1 lines and the free green shuttle or 12th Street BART Station.

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