New book on Borders and the PIC uses HAVOQ image for cover!

Originally posted here on 2/23/13.

Beyond Walls and Cages: Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis was released by the University of Georgia Press. This collection of essays, edited by Jenna Loyd, Matt Mitchelson, and Andrew Burridge, brings together organizers, researchers, and journalists to develop abolitionist, no borders, and decolonial strategies for social justice and liberation. The cover for the book is a photo of HAVOQ members at the 2007 No Borders Camp in Calexico/Mexicali and an image from the 2011 Pride at  Work/HAVOQ calendar.

BeyondWallsAndCages Cover

The authors will be in Oakland on Saturday April 5 (venue TBD), co-hosting an event with Critical Resistance in order to foster conversations about how groups in the East Bay who focus their work around immigration policing/detention/reform and groups primarily focusing on policing/jails/prisons can support each others work.  On Sunday, April 6th at 6pm, they will give a book reading and presentation at Modern Times as part of the ongoing Occupy U series.


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