Monthly HAVOQ Prisoner Penpal Night at Modern Times!

Originally posted here 5/23/12.
Join HAVOQ’s Prison Abolition & Letter Writing Workgroup for our SECOND monthly penpal night as we… “create relationships of friendship, support, and solidarity between inside and outside folks and help break isolation for incarcerated members of our communities.” (MPCP)
Wednesday, June 30th
6pm – 8pm
We’ll be at Modern Times Bookstore for a choose your own adventure..  

Adventure 1 – Choose a FOR REAL pen-pal. This is for those of you who want to start building relationships with folks behind bars. You can make it as personal or as political as you want, but it’s about learning the names and faces of real members of our queer family who are locked up inside the system – and being the kind of pen-pal that’s gonna stay in touch with them.

Adventure 2 – Send some ONE-TIME love. This is for those of you who want to send a semi-anonymous but sincere or artistic or inspiring message as a sign of support – but without the ongoing commitment. It will still be a reminder to them and the guards and everyone else on their block that they have support and have not been forgotten.

Whichever adventure you choose, we’ll have some basic supplies, but feel free to bring pens, markers, paper, envelopes, watercolors, pencils and stamps. Please do NOT bring any stickers, glues, glitters or adhesives. These will get your letter returned to you. And we now have our own PO Box for receiving responses!

****Please arrive on time, if possible, so we can introduce ourselves, review the basic guidelines together and answer any questions.****

We’ll have 20 letters from our queer and trans siblings in California prisons – sent from the Montreal Prisoner Correspondence Project (as well as a list of folks from Black & Pink) in order to support the work of these amazing organizations.

We’ll also have readings and resources available if you just want to come and learn something.


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