Chowchilla Freedom Rally: This Saturday

Originally posted here 1/22/13
Saturday, January 26, 2013
March at 2PM, Rally begins at 3PM at Valley State Prison.
In less than two weeks people from throughout the state will gather in Chowchilla and march from Valley State Prison to Central California Women’s Facility–now the most overcrowded prison in California–to demand an end to this gender discrimination and the release of our loved one’s locked up in Chowchilla’s prisons.
The support and enthusiasm for this rally is overwhelming and the word is spreading. Check out arecent interview on KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio program, a recent article covering the overcrowding in the Merced Sun Star and our latest promotional videos featuring some of our incredible leaders:One million reasons to go and I am free today!
Join a queer carpool!
Join HAVOQ’s Prison Abolition & Prisoner Solidarity Workgroup at the Upcoming Chowchilla Freedom Rally. We will rideshare together, bring our flags and banners for the march and add some flare to this important event.
Click here to access our rideshare googledoc and list yourself as a driver (under the “Match-up” section) or to list yourself as a passenger (directly into someone’s car in the Match-Up section or in the “Ride Needed” section). Unless you are a passenger in someone’s car and you already know them, be sure to list at least one form of contact info so me or a driver who has space can contact you (this applies more to some of the newer folks from penpal nights). We will do final rideshare organizing at our Monthly Penpal Night at Modern Timeson Wed Jan 23, 2013 – join us!
Being a part of this rally feels like an important way to show solidarity, be a part of coalition building and raise awareness about the ways our queer and trans communities are being impacted by the ever expanding prison industry. Please join and/or spread the word!
The Chowchilla Freedom Rally Coalition includes members from California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Californians United for a Responsible Budget, Justice NOW, All Of Us Or None, Legal Services for Prisoners With Children, Fired Up!, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Transgender, Gender Variant, Intersex Justice Project, Critical Resistance, Youth Justice Coalition, US PROStitutes Collective, California Prison Focus, Global Women’s Strike, Occupy 4 Prisoners, Asian Pacific Islander Support Committee and the California Prison Moratorium Project.

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