Occupy the Prisons Action Photos

Originally posted here on 2/20/2012.

Our banner drop on the way to San Quentin:

Our newest banner:

Banner:  Pro-Fabulous, Anti-Capitalist, Queer & Feminist Bloc

For more photos, visit our flickr page!

California Hunger Strike representatives imprisoned in the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison, who launched the historic hunger strike in July, have written a statement of solidarity which Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity read at the demonstration outside San Quentin:

“Corporate Amerika has coalesced its efforts around the exploitation of human beings, while using the political apparatus of the U.S. government, federal, state and local to institute policies that set in motion the creation of a corporate police state, which has targeted the poor as a surplus for incarceration and exploitation.

Those of us housed in solitary confinement throughout California and Amerika, support “Occupy Wall Street” and understand the necessity to resist against corporate greed.  We will no longer willingly accept the subjugation, oppression and exploitation of humanity.

Banks and the prison industrial complex are corporate empires that prey on the souls of humanity. Therefore we officially join you all in Struggle. One Love, One Struggle!”


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